Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have you figured out a way to save gas yet?

If not, that's OK, either have industry experts!

Whoa, what the heck is going on in that picture above?
It's not as crazy as it looks!

If I could hookup my car to a Semi and hitch a ride to work everyday, I would do it in a heartbeat!

I've seen tons of cars being towed behind RV's!

Just think, if you were hooked up to a Semi on your way to work or going on vacation, what would you do with your extra time? You wouldn't be driving so you might consider: surfing the web or working on your laptop, eating, reading, playing cards, shaving, putting on makeup, or even sleeping!

If two vehicles are headed toward the same destination and have the ability to travel the same path, why not connect the two and share in the fuel cost?

My vision is to create a collaborative web portal where Trucking Companies can post their routes so drivers can login to see where the trucks are scheduled to be and hitch a ride on the semi cab and/or trailer. Drivers can attach to the Big Rigs the same way RV dealers attach cars when transporting RV's between dealerships.

For example, if a truck is running from Flint to Detroit everyday, a commuter can meet up with the truck somewhere along the route, let's say in Flint, and hitch a ride to Detroit.

If it normally costs $12 ($4 Gas X 3 Gallons) for a 20 mile per gallon vehicle to travel 60 miles, then the truck could charge $6 each way.

In this scenario, the Truck Subsidy/Commuter Savings would = $12 per day, $60 per week, $240 per month and $2,880 per year!

Here's an eye opener! Check out the MDOT Driving Cost Calculator. It provides an analysis of how much it costs you to drive, you may want to be sitting down when you do this!

So, what do you think? Once all the bugs are worked out and PiggyBack RideShare is up and running, easy to use, is more affordable than the methods we know of now and most of all, safe enough for anyone to participate in, would you use this service?

Don't be shy, post a reply!

Are you ready to cut the cost of your fuel in half?

Here's a new twist on the mass transit concept that will save millions of dollars every day!

As a society, we currently use taxis, trains, buses and other forms of money and energy saving modes of transportation.

A mass marketed, universally accepted method of reducing fuel consumption could present a fundamental improvement in the way we use our vehicles. In fact a lot of people have already changed the way they use their vehicles. Rising fuel prices are causing people to drive only when necessary. Some people are allocating larger portions of their budgets to pay for fuel instead of things like: food, entertainment and unfortunately in some cases, their prescription medications!

When oil topped $133 a barrel the other day, experts stated that due to global demand coupled with less than adequate production is leading us to dwindling supplies. The experts exact words were: “There is nothing we can do about these rising gas prices!”

Nothing? That's kind of scary considering that one expert said $200 a barrel might not be too far away. Wow, that would put us at somewhere between $7 - $8 per gallon of gas and probably more than that for diesel!

Schools are already taking funds away from other programs to cope with higher diesel costs to run buses. Truckers are protesting and threatening to shut down in an effort to get the government to do something about these prices.

What's your idea?

Any ideas on how we can bring “PiggyBack RideShare” from an out of the box idea into a mainstream alternative that has the potential to transform the way we travel?

Or maybe you have your own ideas on how to help reduce fuel cost and consumption.

Don't be shy, post a reply!

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